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Meditating on the forms of Muruga

In the previous post , we saw that the mantrāvatāra paṭala of Kumāratantra describes 16 forms of Lord Muruga. Here are the images for each form, along with the  dhyāna śloka  that is used to meditate on that form. All images sourced from the  Kumāratantra text, 2003 Ed. 1. Jñānaśaktidharasvāmi The first form of Muruga described in the  Kumāratantra is Jñānaśaktidharasvāmi . The dhyāna śloka is – ekāsyaṁ dvibhujaṁ vāme vajraṁ dakṣiṇaje kare | ichchājñāna kriyāśakti rūpaśaktidharaṁ bhaje || 2.52 I worship that form of the Lord with one face and two arms; with the left hand carrying the vajrāyudha and the right hand carrying the śaktyādhudha – the physical form of ichchā-jñāna-kriyā śakti. 2.  Skandasvāmi The second form is Skandasvāmi . The dhyāna śloka is – kalpadrumaṁ praṇamatāṁ kamalāruṇābhaṁ skandaṁ bhujadvayam anāmayam ekavaktram | kātyāyanīsutamahaṁ kaṭibaddhadāma kaupīnadaṇḍadhara dakṣiṇahastamīḍe ||   I worship the son of Kātyāyanī (Pārvatī), who glows brigh

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